A Guide To Registering Your Marriage With ROMM Singapore

Finally the moment is here and this is a guide to registering your marriage with ROMM Singapore. So, after years of endless search, you’ve finally found your soulmate. And in true Singaporean Malay culture, have attended the much needed kursus rumah tangga (marriage preparatory program).

Now what? Well, the next thing you’d have to do, before rushing to celebrate your much awaited wedding day. Is to apply for a special marriage license with the ‘Registry of Muslim Marriages’ (ROMM). Ready to get started? 

Step One: Ensure That Both Parties Are Eligible For Marriage


According to the ‘Registry of Muslim Marriages’ (ROMM), couples are eligible to register their marriage without parental consent if both parties are above 21. Couples above the age of 18 can register their marriage only with parental consent. Please note that people below the age of 18 are not eligible for marriage in Singapore.

Step Two: Finalising Your Wedding Dates


Before registering what could be the most important day of your life, it is important to finalise the nitty gritty wedding details. Things like the proposed date of your solemnisation, whether you have a wali or not, should be noted and written down before beginning the registration process.

The ‘Registry of Muslim Marriages’ (ROMM), Singapore requires couples to finalise their marriage registration at least a week before your proposed solemnisation date. Do note that this process costs $39 (SGD) if both parties are Singaporeans/PR residents and $128 (SGD) if either (or both) parties are foreigners. Payment can only be made via credit card online, or cash card/NETS in person.

Please note that that the fees above will differ when the solemnisation is held outside of the ROMM. Couples are also advised to reimburse their Tok Kadis/ Naib Kadis adequately for their transport and time.

Step Three: Deciding The Mahr And Duit Hantaran

The ‘Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM)’ requires couples to inform them of the mahr and duit hantaran. This is done when couples register their dates with the ‘Registry of Muslim Marriages’.


A mahr also known as Mas Kahwin is simply a wedding gift sent from the groom to the bride. In Malay culture, the mahr is the bride’s property and cannot be spent by their husband. The minimum amount for the mahr in Singapore is $100 (SGD). The mahr can also be gifted in the form of gifts instead of cash.

Duit Hantaran

Duit Hantaran is simply a Malay term for dowry. In Singaporean Malay culture, the duit hantaran is compulsory and must be decided by both the families of the bride and groom. Fortunately, unlike the mahr, there is no fixed minimum price for the duit hantaran.

UPDATE: Ok don’t be alarm! Compulsory here is in the context of the registration and not in the context of Islam. You need to fill up this part and can even put in $0. Wajib is of course only the mahr.

Step Four: Appointing Your Preferred Tok/Naib Kadis

For those who are unaware, the word Kadi is simply a Malay term for “official solemniser”. As such many spend their time to find the “perfect” Kadi for their wedding day.

There is a slight difference between a Tok Kadi and a Naib Kadi. A Tok Kadi is able to solemnise marriages with or without a Wali, whilst a Naib Kadi can only solemnise marriages with a Wali. There are currently 4 Tok Kadis and 23 Naib Kadis available in Singapore. Below is a short list of approved Tok Kadis and their contact numbers.

registering with romm singapore

Step Five: Preparing The Needed Documents For Filing

  1. Details of NRIC (for citizens and SPRs) or Passport (for foreigners) of groom, bride, bride’s wali and 2 male Muslim witnesses above 21 years old.
  2. Number and date of Divorce certificate when applicable.
  3. Death certificate number of deceased spouse when applicable.
  4. Parental consent for parties below
  5. Maskahwin. The current minimum rate is SGD$100.
  6. Duit hantaran (dowry) when applicable.
  7. Payment by Credit card (cashcard/NETS only at the ROMM).
  8. Details of your preferred Tok Kadis or Naib Kadis.
  9. Full address of solemnisation venue if your solemnisation is held outside of the ROMM.

Step Six: Registering Your Marriage @ The Registry of Muslim Marriages, Singapore

Now that you have everything ready and accessible on hand, it’s time to actually register your marriage and solemnisation dates. Honestly the registration process is super simple and easy, there’s hardly anything to be worried about. You can register your marriage online, in the luxury of your own home.

There are five steps to go through with the bulk of it being the first step. There is little to the process and it’s stipulated to take (at most) 15 minutes of your time. Payment is made during the second step and ROMM only accepts payment via eNets (Visa or Mastercard).

If registering online sounds intimidating to you. There is an option to register via the self help kiosks at the ROMM building itself. The process is similar but there are staff members to ask help from in case the process gets complicated.

It is also important to note that there are two different ways to register and it mostly depends on whether or not the bride has a Wali.

Registering With A Wali:

A Wali is a male relative of the bride. A Wali can be the bride’s brother, father or any paternal male relative. The registration process is very straightforward and a lot easier if you have an appointed Wali on hand. With an appointed Wali, you have the option of either registering online or in person via the self help kiosk. Having a Wali on hand also means that you have more options to choose from as both Naib Kadis and Tok Kadis are able to solemnise your marriage.

Registering Without A Wali:

In some cases the prospective bride does not have a wali. To register for a marriage license without a Wali, both parties must head down to the ‘Registry of Muslim Marriages’.

Please note that couples without a Wali can only employ a Tok Kadi to solemnise their marriage.

Step Seven: Confirming Your Registration

UPDATE: As of 1st July 2019, couples will be required to attend a compulsory 1 hour session with the chosen kadi or naib kadi.

This is an initiative called Bersamamu. The first session is compulsory and subsequently, you will receive support for up to 2 years and may choose to meet regurlarly with your kadi/naib kadi for advice and tips to build a strong marriage.

Once you’re done filling in the registration form, you’re pretty much set and ready for your next step; the ROMM interview. Do note that your registration, whether done online or in person will only be confirmed when you, your potential spouse and your appointed Wali have given their statutory declarations and when all documents have been officially verified by the registry.

So there you have it the process of registering your marriage with ROMM. If there is anything I miss do leave a comment below. All the best for the solemnisation!

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Nadiyah - October 2, 2016 Reply

Please do your research properly before typing in. What I read and what I learn is totally different. You here are talking about a Malay marriage. Please do research about Islam marriage.

1. Mas kawin is a MUST not the dowry.
2. For the bride side, the wali should be her own blood father if he is still alive, followed by the brothers, uncles. Unless in a situation, she can ask for a wali hakim

    Johari - October 2, 2016 Reply

    Thank you for your comment. Firstly in this article we are talking about the context of registration for ROMM and not Islam or Malay marriage per say. Yes you are right hantaran is not compulsory however, it still have to be stated in the online registration and that is why we state the amount is up to the individual.

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Iz - March 8, 2018 Reply

May i know if groom required to bring the physical cash sum of hantaran to ROMM if solemnise at ROMM?

    Johari - March 8, 2018 Reply

    It is best to check with ROMM but from our personal experience, ROMM would not ask for the physical hantaran in this case the cash as it is not wajib. Hope that helps 🙂

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