Pre-Wedding Shoot, Is It A Must?

Whenever you mentioned the word wedding it seems that all the price will be inflated. You can use the same venue but for different occasion and the price will be different. A huge different. Same goes for photography or outdoor photography. The price for outdoor shoot compared to pre-wedding shoot have a huge different too. I might be wrong but in my quest to save cost for my own wedding this is what I have discovered. If I don’t take the pre-wedding shoot I might save up to $1000!

But are we able to make do without pre-wedding shoot and why do couples have to do a pre-wedding shoot plus the actual wedding shoot?

1) Capturing and Reliving Memories
Many want to keep memories of the events and happenings that leads to the actual big day or they want to capture the moment where they go for fittings and even take pictures of where they met each other etc. I guess this depends on the couples themselves whether will this be a significant moment to capture.

2) Getting To Know The Cameraman or Woman
Some said pre-wedding gives you the chance to test how it is like working with the cameraman. This is also like a warm-up to pose in front of the camera for people who are shy like me :p You are also able to test how your makeup might look like. Basically a sneak peak how you will turn up on your actual day. As a guy I don’t really care about this, just smile lah kan and makeup I have nothing to worry about! But this might mean a lot to the bride.

3) Use The Photos On Actual Day
Your pre-wedding shoot photos can be used on the actual day of your wedding. This is one of the main reason why people actually take pre-wedding shoot as it can be done as a frame or canvas to welcome your guests. You can even use it on your guest books or even show slides during your wedding. For me it is not really essential to have these although it adds a nice touch to your wedding. For an extra $1000 I think I’m fine without it.

Yes wedding is once in a lifetime and and everything have to be the best. I definitely agree with this but financially I think we know what we can or can’t afford. For me that extra $1000 which might not seem a lot to some is quite significant for me. I rather use it on my honeymoon, gua nak pergi Maldives beb situ mahal $1000 definitely can help me buy some memories there 😉

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