ND Henna

By Nadya Danis

Henna Done By A Professional Art Educator

Are you looking for Henna services in Singapore? One of the most exciting moment leading to the wedding for brides to be is when you get to apply Henna/Inai the night before your big day or also called as malam berinai.  

Your experience with your Henna Artist is crucial to set the positive tone for your wedding. Therefore choosing the RIGHT and QUALIFIED Henna Artist is as equally important as choosing your wedding package.

An experienced and skilled Henna Artists​ would know the science and art behind a beautifully stained art on your skin.

They should also be able to build rapport with you and make you feel comfortable (you don't want to be caught in an awkward moment for 2-3 hours!)

Henna Artists should also be relevant and be up to date with recent trends and happenings in the wedding industry so that you will be the envy of your friends and family members on your big day.​

That is why we HIGHLY recommend ND HENNA by Nadya Danis as she fits the above criteria of a Henna Artist.​

Why Choose ND Henna?


Get Stained By An Art Teacher From NIE

What more can we say?

Credibility doesn't come any better than this than getting an Art student and also a qualified Art teacher to come up with intricate designs specially for you.


Personalised Service

Most Henna Artists require you to come to their place for them to do your Henna but with ND HENNA, Nadya herself will come personally to your place!

This is EXTREMELY useful for brides as you know how KECOH it can be preparing for your wedding and I'm sure you do not want to run around the day before your wedding. 

Just relax and let Nadya do the running for you ;)


Uses Only Organic Products

There are those who have really sensitive skin and we have heard horror stories of how bride-to-be suffer from skin allergy a day before their wedding!

That is why it is ND HENNA only believes in using organic henna cones and after-care products.

Oh did we say AFTER CARE products?

I shall not let the cat out of the bag and let Nadya share with you her SPECIAL after care products for you ;)

ND HENNA Only Have Limited Slots!

As there is only one Nadya Danis there is only a limited number of brides she is able to serve at any one time. Therefore, it is highly advisable to book here the soonest!

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