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In this blog post we look at a Malay wedding venue in the heart of Orchard by Muslim Delights Wedding Services. This venue is located at Concorde Hotel, ok basically not in the hotel itself but the very same building which is located on the first floor. We definitely love, love, love the location. Last 2 weeks the fiancee and I went to take a look at this venue which was recommended by our aunt.

I have exactly a year before the wedding insha Allah and everyone is saying that we are too late to book a venue as some of them even book 2 years in advance. Seriously?! Now we are in panic mode.

So this post is to share our experience when we take a look at the venue and our meetup with the owners of Muslim Delights Wedding Services (MDWS) panjang sangat kalau nak kena type :p

My Experience With MDWS

First let’s talk about the owners of MDWS. I guess this is IMPORTANT that you can strike a rapport with them because one of the MOST important day of your life falls in their hands! Ok maybe I exaggerated a bit but you know what I mean.

From what I understand MDWS is run by a husband and wife team and they are Puan Fidah and Tuan Hassan (Tuan sey, angkat sikit mana tau dapat discount lagi hehe) The one attended to fiancee and me is Tuan Hassan. Ni gambar beliau dipetik dari FB page mereka.

muslim delights wedding services
Cute kan dia? (angkat lagi cuba nak dapat discount) On a serious note, Tuan Hassan came across to me as a fatherly figure who was patient and friendly. He even advice us on certain things such as advisable not to hold our wedding date a day after Hari Raya Haji and also advice us on the history of certain tradition that we millennials are definitely not aware of and main ikot aje!

We even talked about business since we are both in business and this guy here have years of experience in the wedding industry which is comforting to know. He shared how it is important to be sincere and honest in business and the reason he is able to sustained this long in business is because of this mantra. Overall, he make us feel comfortable and provide us with much needed information for our wedding preparations.

Ok next, photos of the venue itself. I will let the pictures do the talking and provide snippets of what the picture is all about. Basically the venue is large enough (7000 sqft to be exact) to accommodate 2000 pax. For us, we are looking at 1000 pax. Before that I wish to apologise that my pictures might not do justice to how beautiful this place is as I forgotten to bring my camera along.

Malay wedding venue

The entrance of the venue

The Tables & Chairs, Setup of the place and it looks very spacious! Gotta love the chandeliers 😉

IMG_2247 IMG_2245 IMG_2243 IMG_2242

Next is the pelamin! Again don’t be too fast too judge blamed it on the quality of the pics and also this is not the real deal as there wasn’t any wedding going on during our visit. This of course can be customised on our preference and themes we have in mind.

malay wedding venue

malay wedding venue

malay wedding venue

Next are the changing rooms or the family rest rooms. I was told makeup artists love this place as it is well equipped!

muslim delights wedding services IMG_2250

muslim delights wedding services

Wudhu area and they have a place to solat of course. All so convenient

Next let’s talk about how much will it be to hold a wedding here and what are the packages inclusive of. The price below is based on their Facebook post so it is better to contact them directly for the updated price.

The package is inclusive of:

– The venue of course with ample parking spaces, 7000sqft of air conditioned hall with comfortable bridal room, bilik solat & spacious family room

– Decor, can follow your preferred theme with huge pelamin,cake table decor,reception tables for parents, 25 round tables 250 chairs wedding arch, fresh flowers,

– Catering:13 types of dishes,food, hot and cold drinks, assortment of kuehs,cakes and pastries, hot and cold desserts

– wide choices of wedding berkat

– varieties of invitation cards

– kendarat, for 6 hours event

The pricing , inclusive of all the above are:

2000 pax- $24.00 per pax.
1500-1700- $25.00
1200-1400 pax- $27.00per pax
1000 pax – $29.00 per pax.
800 pax- $35.00
700 pax- $39.00
600 pax – $41.00
500 pax – $46.00
400 pax- $50.00
300 pax- $60.00

For more info do contact MDWS at the following:

Facebook Click HERE
Email: email at /
Contact No.: Fidah 96330261/ Nani 90019401/ Hassan 94874055

Overall we love this place because first of course the location and accessibility for our guests, second the spacious venue, third package comes with almost everything such as kad jemputan and berkat so it is convenient lastly the price is considered reasonable considering how big the venue is and the venue is located at Concorde Hotel.

For me and fiancee we will survey one more venue in the east, which we will share soon before making our decision. We of course have our own budget to work with and will decide in due course but it should be soon kalau tak nanti kanchong spider!

If you have been to a wedding here or hold your wedding here before do share your experience in the comment section below so people like me can benefit from it 🙂 Talk soon …

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Erli Elfira - February 8, 2018 Reply

Muslim Delights also opened another venue at Concorde too. It’s called FAVE.

FAVE by Muslim Delights at Concorde Hotel is amazing! Impeccable service, exceptionally good staffs and two very kind hearted owner! Service is very important for wedding services or any service for that matter. 

You will never go wrong or regret in choosing Muslim Delights. Our wedding was ruined by For You Wedding Services (you may read all about it at and in less than 2 months, we had to frantically search for a different venue and caterer! Thankfully FAVE had a slot for our date! We are eternally grateful for these kind souls who saved our wedding day! I cannot emphasise how much I love the place.

I highly recommend FAVE because we’ve had wonderful memories there and the decor is clean looking, exquisite and really exclusive too. Indoor with aircon and you don’t have to worry about comfort. The owners have really good taste in food and decor. Food is really nice and nothing disappoint us at all.

You’ll definitely be in good hands at Muslim Delights. It’s truly a delight to have engaged them and they’ve made our wedding a memorable one.

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