Malay Wedding Photography – What You Need To Know

Malay wedding photography, there are many of them out there but what you need to know to choose the right one for your special day. Choosing the right photographer to me is crucial because photos are one of the ways to relive all those heart-warming moments!

In this article, you will discover what are the things to look out for when choosing your Malay wedding photographer. On a side note, photos seen here are taken from my wedding last November ūüėČ

Photos are taken by Cinnamon Tree Photographs, you can find out about their services HERE.

Why Different Price Points?

If you were to go around and ask for quotes or the package price from different photography companies, their price will vary. Some can be as cheap as $600 and some even up to $4,000. Why the big difference?

Before that, I would like to emphasize that cheap doesn’t necessarily mean¬†bad and expensive does not mean great as well.

Price will vary mainly based on the photographer’s experience. His or her knowledge and artwork also plays a part in the price factor. A photographer that starting out is definitely much cheaper compared to those who have been in the industry for say 10 over years.

But …

Having said that, there are really some talented new and upcoming photographers that are in touch with today’s current trend that the older generation photographers are not up to date. So how do we decide on this?

Take a look at their portfolio. See their art style, the moments that they capture does it resonates with you and your partner?

There are some photographers that do not have any portfolio and is willing to offer you a very affordable price as they are just getting started, so should you take it and save your hard-earned money?

It depends whether are you willing to take the risk after all your wedding is once in a lifetime and you won’t have the chance to “re-do” it again.

Meet Your Photographer Before You Decide

Always meet your photographer first before deciding on whether to engage the person. The reason for this is you would want to see if you have the chemistry and whether you are comfortable with that person.

After all, this is the same person that you are going to pose a lot in front with¬†haha… So if you are not comfortable, then imagine how awkward it is going to be like working together?

Meeting them beforehand will help you to break the ice with them. The best part of an experienced photographer like the one I engaged is he is able to offer advice on other aspects of the wedding preparation.

He shared matters such as how the colour of your deco, baju and lighting will play a big factor in your photos. what to expect on your wedding day and much more.

Based on their portfolio or past photos you are also able to see if they know the right time to hype up the guests for the fun shots. Again why is this important at least for me?

As you can see from the picture below, my photographer managed to capture this moment which I absolutely love because he was able to direct my family members and know which group to get that candid moment.

Imagine a quiet photographer that just let the group do their own things? Do you think the photos will turn up just as nice?

Is The Type Of Camera Used, Matter?

For some of us that are not savvy with cameras, we might think that the type of camera a Malay wedding photographer used might not matter.

Well maybe but to some, it does because it will affect the dynamic range of your photos and that is why you can see a stark difference between an iPhone photo and a photo shot using DSLR. This is also the reason why we are paying a bit more, which is for quality.

The profile of photos taken using a professional equipment allows more data and control of your photo in post-production. Meaning after your photos are taken, they will then be edited and trust me this is hard work where they are able to colour grade and do adjustments on the contrasts and so on to make your pictures pop-out!

Understand that photographers invest quite a bit in their equipment and most importantly photography skills so do not say “alah setakat ambik gambar je”.

So if you are really interested you can ask them what camera is used but for me it doesn’t really matter as I just cross reference from their past photos so I would roughly know the quality to be expected.

Should I Get 1 or 2 Malay Wedding Photographers? What’s The Difference?

It will matter a lot as now you have dual perspective if you take 2 photographers. By having 2 photographers, more moments will be captured.

Below is an example of me during the akad nikah and my family members emotion during the ceremony.

This was made possible as I have 2 photographers if there is only 1 then definitely the focus will just be on me.

By having 2 photographers you will also have both the groom and bride’s side covered especially to capture moments such as preparing for the wedding.


Know What You Are Paying For

When purchasing a package for your Malay wedding photography, ensure you know what the package consists of. Some might be cheap because they do not provide you any album which is hardly the case.

Does it come with those frames you can hang on your bedroom wall? How many photos in total will you get? Soft copy?

Check with them what is the estimated date or how long will it take them to deliver the final product. This is important as many got into conflict with their photographers due to this.

Understand that it will take a lot of work on their side to edit your photos but at the same time, you should also be able to know when to expect it.

So to minimize the conflict, get them to write the estimated date of delivery on the contract that you will be signing.

Final Thoughts

As always do your due diligence when hiring a photographer for your wedding. Always have everything in black and white in written email or Whatsapp message when conversing with your photographer.

Remember to ask them about the contingency plan. What happens if on the day of the wedding the photographer you hire is sick or in any emergency cases he/she is not around what would be the plan?

It is always best and safe to pay the remaining amount after you have collected your photos or final product.

What are other factors to consider when choosing a Malay wedding photographer? Do share in the comments section below.

Photos in this article are taken by Cinnamon Tree Photographs You can find out more HERE.

Bridal wear by Azni Samdin. Click HERE to find out more.

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