Malay Wedding Package Price

A wedding can be expensive and you are looking at an estimate how much a Malay wedding package price would be like. In this post, I will personally share how much I paid for my wedding where the invited guest is 1100 guests.

A little background on the wedding. This is a combined wedding for a total of 1,100 guests and is held at MacPherson Community Club.

This does not include my hantaran, duit salam tok kadi, exchange of gifts and wedding ring.

What I will be sharing is briefly the price I paid for each individual vendors. I hope by my sharing it will help you in having a rough estimate on planning financially for your wedding.

I will be sharing in a later post what I have learned from this and what you can do to avoid the same mistakes I have made.

I will also be sharing the vendors I chose in upcoming posts so do signed-up for our mailing list below this article.

My Wedding Budget List

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot – $5,688

Catering – $13/pax, total $15,940
(this is for nasi briyani kambing + lauk pauk + mee siam + udang black pepper + kendarat + goreng pisang + 160 nasi berkat)

Deco – $4,310 (inclusive of tiffany chairs)

Wedding Day Photography – $1,600

Kompang – $650

Bridal Wear (3 pasang baju) & Make-Up Artist – $3,850

DJ – $1,800

Venue Rental – $3,949

Wedding Cards – $280 for 600 cards

Wedding Cake – $400

Berkat – Redondo at $1.30 per bottle, total $1,300

Total I Spend On My Wedding

To me, the total for my Malay wedding package price is really on a high side and there are some purchases which I regretted which I will share in my upcoming post such as my pre-wedding shoot which you guys can see is a lot!

I will also share the percentage I got back based on my duit salam 😉

This is just a rough guide for you so you would know what to expect and make comparisons. Should you have any questions just hit the comment button below and I will be glad to assist.

Will catch up again in the next post.

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