How Not To Get Cheated When Buying Your Malay Wedding Packages

You have heard of horror stories on how couples lose their hard-earned money when Malay wedding vendors magically disappear on their wedding day. So how do you avoid not to get cheated when buying your Malay wedding packages?

In this post I shall share on how to get yourself protected and minimise the risk of running into unethical or shady wedding vendors.

Check If Company Is Under ACRA

Find out how long have the company been registered under ACRA. All businesses in Singapore require businesses to be file or register under ACRA. You can do a search by clicking HERE and type in the company’s name.

Example¬†would be shown as below and status should be LIVE which means the company is active and in operation. This is just the first basic step on enquiring on the credibility of the company and if they are not registered (some small business owners don’t) do ask them why.

Do Your Research

Research, research, research! Find out from friends, family members, online forums and your best friend Mr Google on the wedding vendor you wish to buy from. Ask them about their experience and also check out their Facebook page profile if there is any. Some company’s Facebook page would have a review on their services and from there you may have a feel on the credibility of their company. A friend of mine even went to the extend to ask past customers directly who posted on the company’s Facebook page. I know you ladies are good at this FBI stuffs! ūüėČ

Have Everything In Black & White

Have proper document and have everything in black and white. Before you part with your hard-earned money make sure you see a form of agreement or contract for you to sign on. When making deposit make sure you receive an official receipt from the company. Read the terms and conditions and DO NOT sign blindly! Anything you are unclear do get them to clarify. Chill babe I know it is not cool to read terms and conditions but this will help avoid any conflicts moving forward. If need to bring back the T&C first before signing. Any communication for example by phone, after the conversation do email the vendor and get them to acknowledge the email. This is to prevent any party saying that the conversation did not take place.


Ask QUESTIONS, wait ask A LOT of QUESTIONS! You should be asking a lot of questions and thinking of the worst case scenarios. Do take note that some of you might even book or pay deposit 2 years in advance! So don’t take this lightly.¬†List of questions¬†would be as follows:

“What if your company closes down before my wedding date, how can you assure me that my deposit will be return?”

“Who are the other contact person/s in your company in case I could not reach you?”

“What if your make-up artist is not well or anything were to happen to him/her on my wedding day what would you do?”

“What if there is¬†insufficient food for my guests, will¬†you stop cooking?”

“Are there any additional or hidden cost involves?”

“If there are¬†any changes to be made, what is the latest possible date that I can make changes?”

“What are your cancellation policy?”

These are just some examples of questions you should ask and you should be preparing these questions before going down to meet the wedding vendors. Sit down with your sayang and plan the questions together! Most wedding vendors will answer “don’t worry lah insha Allah nothing will happen” don’t accept this kind of answer. A credible, experience and professional company will have contingency plan in place. Make sure you receive a satisfactory answer. You are entitle to do so remember that.

Choose The SAFER Choice

If you want to be really SAFE then you might want to consider the Malay wedding vendors from WE (Wedding Entrepreneurs) Cluster who is affiliated with Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SMCCI). Refer to the picture below to read on the mission and vision of WE Cluster and the companies listed under the SAFER CHOICE vendors. Why are they the safer choice?

WE Cluster are under the arm of SMCCI which is an independent non-profit organization. SMCCI was established in 1956 and is a strategic partner of SPRING Singapore. Companies under the WE Cluster are established companies that have to go through a thorough background check by SMCCI. They would have to provide SMCCI with valid documentation and have to sit in their monthly meeting before being accepted in the WE Cluster. Should there be any issues with any of the companies under WE Cluster, you are also able to contact SMCCI. This way you are assured that there is a governing body to protect your interest.we cluster smcci

So there you have it, 5 tips on how to avoid and minimise the chances of losing your hard-earned money.

It is important to do your due diligence. Do not make hasty decision when buying your wedding package. Do not be pressured to sign-up for packages especially when vendors inform you that this is a limited time promotion and ask you to sign-up on the spot. Always discuss and have communication often with your partner and family members on updates of your wedding packages.

I hope this post have been useful and if it is do SHARE with people that matters. Do leave your comment below if there is anything you can add on with regard to precautionary measures to be taken before buying any wedding packages so that the community can benefit from it.

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